Choose Your Mission

At Saikale®, we carefully select partners and associations whose actions directly support our cause and the welfare of the animals we represent

Choose Your Mission, Join Our Cause

We invite you to choose your mission and become a valued contributor to our journey towards a animals.

Saikale in Action

Help an Animal In Need

We partner with animal sanctuaries and organizations to foster curiosity for wildlife and conservation. Together, we create a effect of positive change.

Coffs Coast Wildlife Sanctuary

Coffs Coast Wildlife Sanctuary is proud to rescue and rehabilitate sick and injured marine animals, releasing them back to their natural ocean homes.


In pursuit of our goal, we donate 10% of our jewelry sales proceeds to support our partner charitable organizations. These contributions aid in funding vital projects.

Wear Your Passion

Saikale invites you to be a part of something bigger. Our jewelry collection represents more than beauty - it's a commitment to wildlife. Choose your mission and wear your support.

Stunning Jewelry

Saikale's jewelry is more than adornment; it's a symbol of support for our planet's creatures. Delighted to wear these pieces knowing they make a difference!


Saikale's Commitment

Each piece from Saikale tells a story of beauty and compassion, making every purchase a contribution to protecting our wildlife. Grateful for their dedication!


A Symbol of Support

Saikale's jewelry embodies elegance with a purpose, supporting animal conservation efforts. Proud to wear and support this meaningful cause!